Rosa Casa Lagotto Romagnolo

When my husband (Simon) and I sold our tech company in 2021 we also made a lifestyle change and moved from Wellington City to acreage in the Wairarapa.

I (Nicky) wanted land for practising dog sports and to establish a breeding kennel. I was lucky enough to chance upon the Lagotto Romagnolo breed in 2019 and acquired my darling Amico in 2020. From then I was smitten with this breed and I am keen to promote them being used more in dog sports.

We have 5 Lagotti (Amico, Rosie, Hydi, Bacci and Billy) plus 2 Schnoodles (Cooper & Piper).

Our property has a beautiful small villa (having been sympathetically extended from the original cottage which dates back to the 1920s) which is named 'Rose Cottage'. As a nod to this the name 'Rosa Casa' was chosen for the kennels.


Nicky's Canine CV

  • Past obedience trainer at Wellington Canine Obedience Club
  • Life member of Wellington Canine Obedience Club
  • Compete in Obedience and Rally O
  • Committee member at Wairarapa Dog Training Club
  • Rally O trainer at Wairarapa Dog Training Club
  • Obedience Show Secretary at Wairarapa Dog Training Club
  • Obedience steward

Rosa Casa Lagotti
822 Chester Road
RD 1
Carterton 5791, NZ

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