Our Lagotti



Date of birth: 27 Jul 2022
Kennel name: Rosa Cara of Truffleway
Gender: Bitch
Colour: Brown Roan

Rosie was named by our granddaughter who insisted she had to have a name to match our property (Rose Cottage). She has high energy and high drive and to make the most of this she is being trained for competitive obedience and is nearing being ready to start competing. She is extremely fit and can out run all our other dogs.



Date of birth: 31 March 2023
Kennel name: Hydra Viva of Truffleway
Gender: Bitch
Colour: Brown Roan

Hydra is a full sister to Rosie and is an absolute dynamo and seems to have springs for feet. Her food drive is off the scale but she also has good toy play which is proving a bonus in her obedience training.

Billy head shot


Date of birth: 19 December 2019
Kennel name: Comacchio Mio Dolce Signore
Gender: Dog
Colour: White & Orange
Stud Services: Yes

Billy has the sweetest nature and is my white shadow. He has successfully sired 3 litters. Billy has come to us recently as an adult so isn't being trained for dog sports.

Bacchus - 2 months


Date of birth: 13 April 2023
Kennel name: Matipo Baccus Vito
Gender: Dog
Colour: White & Brown
Stud Services: Yes (from May 2024)

Bacci is Amico's nephew and is another very cuddly fellow. His soft nature disguises that he is quite the adventurer in that he will scale anything and everything. He is also being obedience trained.



Date of birth: 30 Dec 2019
Kennel name: Comacchio-il-nostra-Amico
Gender: Bitch (spayed)
Colour: Brown & White

As my first Lagotto, Amico is responsible for developing my great love of the breed. She has competed in obedience and was selected as the reserve team dog for Central Region (Beginners) for NDOA 2022.

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